Six-Sentence-Sunday: Nowhere Near
Hello and welcome to this week's Six Sunday early bird special. I say early because it's still Saturday and special, because I snuck in seven sentences. And bird because, well, I like birds. Anyhoo, you'll get to read yet another excerpt from The Days Adrift, Part 6. It's getting quite desperate out there on that little boat. Catch up with what happened ->earlier.
Have fun, enjoy and feel free to comment; I appreciate each and every comment, suggestion and friendly little nod! Join in the fun and check out the talented Sixers here. Let's share the love!


Seven days and nights of endless water. The sea rushes, occasionally it brawls and at night it laments. 
Or is it me, lamenting?   
The constant noise claims all my thoughts and turns them 
into only one.  
I can't take this any longer. 
I lean out, way above the railing, and there is nothing out there, nothing, except a shadowy contour, reverberating from the water surface. 
It slowly heads towards me... 
We nearly touch when I feel two strong hands clasping my shoulders, yanking me back into the boat.