No, not at all

Do I need a reason to blog? No, not at all. Congrats me, this is a completely nonsensical piece of writing. Wise men say that sometimes, great ideas spring from mindless ramblings. I have yet to witness something like that, but it can't hurt to just babble on and let it happen whenever it happens. Whatever "it" is. And I writes it the way I sees it. Capiche?

No one ever told me that it is so exhausting to think. I feel less worn out after the inferno workout, after seven days of heat stroke and having eaten nothing but rice cakes - than one hour of brain sweats. To be honest with you, there is absolutely no need to ever think, deep thoughts, earth-shattering thoughts. You can go through life happy as a clam, possibly happier when you shut off the noisemaker upstairs.

I know I know, I make a big fuzz over how important it is not be stupid all-the-time. Believe me, I am annoyed by it myself. And although deep thoughts can be entertaining, we don't need them for anything. We know how to drive a car, how to do the taxes and we find our way to the fridge without asking for a theory of everything. Most of the everyday life problems aren't rocket science.

Granted, you may have a challenging job, and be, in fact, a rocket scientist. If so, then of course you are excused to go on thinking. Or if you absolutely want to, then, by all means, don't let me stop you.

I have decided though that I have thought enough this month, and actually I will spend the rest of August on think strike. I want to hang out, play, and look vacant, in the sun.