Six-Sentence-Sunday 8/19


Hey y'all it's Sunday, and that means time to share another excerpt from The Days Adrift. -->This is what happened last time. Three girls, still out at sea, on the run from the turmoil of war and the crime they committed..and it's getting quite dark. Feel free to comment, criticize, like, not like, whatever you want! By the way, I need your help with a little apostrophe crisis. Her name is Tams. Is it Tams' face, Tams's face or Tams face - or should I just rename her? Not stupid, just German and easily confused! :) 
Before you go, don't forget to take a look at the talented Sunday crowd right -->here.

As the season changes from spring to early summer, the sun breaks through skin like a thin coat of ice. There is hardly any shade on deck, and with each passing day, Tams' tattered face reminds me more of a giant cracked egg. 
I can't even look at her without feeling uncomfortable. 
Brita doesn't talk to me anymore. Delicate little Brita, furiously cowering in the corner, like a glaring red lobster. 
I should throw her overboard, or better yet, dump her in a pot of boiling hot water...