5000 Days of Summer // Rantatory Vertigo

Rant - runt - ranten. Where have they gone, my wonderful little rants? Once upon a time, I spit them out as others do snot on the sidewalks.
I wonder if my ranting days are over, and if all there is left is to be cute and lovely, with only a skosh of eccentricity - until I finally get axed.
Like Hell-o Kitty, the adorable kitten from hell, replacing Cerberus on the gates, telling you very politely, that you have been bad. Oops-a-daisy!

What happened? To tell it bluntly, nowadays, I'd rather be happy than annoyed, thus I think I have finally arrived in Huxley's Brave New World. How could this happen, when even the title of this blog screams rant in very loud letters.
Idiots and Earthquakes, the one little rant about stupidity and ignorance, the confusion of Earthquakes with Terra Furia, the vengeance of Mother Earth, it even turned into the theme song to this blog. How is that not beautiful and poetic - and angry, very very angry.

Telling others that they are stupid is a pretty joyless activity, and in itself, utterly stupid. So why not adopt a rather adult I-don't-care attitude instead. Think about it. I don't judge, because I don't care.

Now, that's a smart move counsellor, even smarter when you replace the first don't with a very fastidious can't. But is it really true, or are we just taking ourselves out of the game by not having an opinion on anything anymore? Indignation is the very essence of the sincere rant and it implies having a preference, choosing something over something else. I'd much prefer that to the dissociation from choice itself. Hah, there it is!

As stupid and useless as rants are, they are also cathartic - purging - in showing us our own selfish streaks. Life itself has a tendency to silence every kind of spiritedness as we get older - in a downwards spiral of rotting flesh and collapsing desires.
Indignation might be the key to making even the most boring descent more exciting. So, what I really wanted to say was: I am not done.

I need my Darknuk back, the other Me, jailbreaker, nasty bitch, mean third eye,
and wang to my Yin.

to be continued