Six-Sentence-Sunday 4/29

Good Sunday, my fellow Bloggers and Bloggerines, it's another round of the Six-Sentence-Sunday!! Today I chose an extract from a short story I wrote, but never finished. *Sighs* 
The protagonist is a mentally ill woman, having a conversation with her deceased husband Raymond. The story as well is called Raymond.

Can you imagine, that Grumpy Mac Smith, the lady from upstairs, she even talked to me today?
In 15 years, she never uttered a single word, not even once did a polite little hello pass those puckered lips. 
And today she finally spoke to me, in front of the house.
"Hello, Miss, can I help you?" and she sounded so serious, I had to restrain myself from laughing, as I saw her looking down at my socks. 
In one single day, the color had turned from eggshell to dark brown and it was such a mess, no wonder she was concerned. 
"No," I said, "but thank you, I can wash those myself."