The Inventive Mind - Inception

 Inception Blu-ray

I like to believe that there's a story somewhere in me. My story, to be precise. Second nature to my first. A good one, yet untold. It has many interesting layers to it, multidimensional characters, an inventive plot and intriguing secrets to be revealed.

I am always amazed at screenwriters. There are some highly talented people out there. More power to them! To move a person's perspective in a two hour period is nothing short of brilliant. Take the movie Inception for example. A whole new universe, a multidimensional dreamworld, with its own set of physical rules, it's sc-ifi, but not too far ahead in the future, it's fanta-sci, but not remote, because the world(s) are largely coherent.

Yes, there are some logical pitfalls in the plot but the writers seem to safely navigate around them and not tap into them themselves, so I just have minor complaints regarding the overall logical consistency. My main criticism is the somewhat arbitrary portrayal of top-down cause and effect from one dream layer to the next. But that's really a minor thing compared to other "idiot plots" I had to suffer through.

So speaking of a convincing plot idea and a strong delivery, why didn't I come up with that idea? I know, it sounds ridiculous and a little condescending, but I always ask myself that question when I am blown away by intense writing, translated onto screen, a natural evolution and an uncoerced creation of something magical. Why didn't I come up with that? Why is there a lack of ingenuity in the things I create? Or wouldn't I recognize originality if it hit me in the head?

I wish someone creative would invade my mind and plant an idea there, the best one anyone ever came up with, a powerful meme for me to put down in writing. Yes, please :)

Inception on Blu-ray