Eureka, I got nothing!

Arrrwwwh, there's a real problem.
I want to write something, in fact, I would love to, but I don't have any half-decent idea what to write about. Every time this happens I always fear that maybe I am all written out, like a squeezed orange, with no more creative juice left in me. (Even this allegory is disgustingly uninspired. Great.)

See, for a short story you need to come up with an interesting scenario, engaging characters and some sort of challenge those characters have to face - and it's always good when it leads up to a surprising turn towards the end, changing the reader's point of view.
I think with a Greater Plan, some of it worked out, but all in all it lacked in structure and dialogue - not so much the idea department. I need to come up with something great and then deliver like intended. My own golden egg.