3 Books in 30 Minutes!!!

The challenge: come up with three concepts for books. Include a very short explanation of the basic idea and add a title. You have 30 minutes.


The first title I chose is Snuggles no more! a marital tragedy. Why not write about things I know? No, seriously, this could be a great title for a funny companion type of book with all sorts of backwards tips regarding marriage, explaining for example, how the silent treatment really is effective against.... not being noticed... Following the approved How-not-to book tradition.

The second one Tracksuit legends I sort of came up with spontaneously. I just loved the basic idea: the hero is a tracksuit wearing slacker, carved in my image and inspired by Wanja, the nut-eating, ever-sleeping son of a farmer, whose laziness is to become his greatest asset in the turn of events. Maybe the protagonist could even be a virtual hero.

The third one is Cancer’s got nothing on me – stories of a hypochondriac. Well, what can I tell you, this is my cathartic air gate. I am a world-class hypochondriac myself. The maladies I have come up with over the years are creative, highly entertaining to the outside eye, and yet, pure torture for me. Describing my daily struggle for survival could be moving, insightful and fun. So there’s some potential for “dramedy” right there!