I'll give it to someone special

Last Christmas / Everything She Wants

I wonder what I'll be getting for Christmas this year. There is definitely some cosy time at the fireplace in my cards, followed by home-made cookies, well, and most importantly the good old Gin Tonic, nice and spicy with a slice of lemon. The Gin Tonic is a really perfect and classy drink for the holidays. In case you have consumed massive amounts of heavy food, it's perfect to take the edge off with your stomach ready to burst.. after the Gin Tonic, you'll even be able to eat some more, because it has a medicine-esque effect to it, purifying and soothing. It's like holy water for your digestive system.

But enough of that, besides the obvious holiday memorabilia, there is that unique feeling that only christmas evokes... with its essence of contemplation, ease and comfort, and life-affirmative connotation. It is the supposed birth of someone, after all!
Anyways, these ingredients combined add up to one nice acquisitive frenzy. If you add a high density of family, relatives and Wham! to that potent setup, the outcome will be a plutonic device of massive destructive power...

But still, the snow-covered fields, lighted windows in the distance, the smell of fir.. It's nice to know it's there.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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