No beauty in the breakdown

There it is, I am having another mental breakdown. Not only does my writing - uhm how shall I phrase it lightly; oh yes - suck, also my ideas are not that special. I have done a little research about writing techniques and I think I know a lot more now. But why is it, that finding out more about something I am passionate about is rather a frustration than a motivation? Ok, it's like that:

First tip from a real writer: No editing in a first draft!
My bad, because I am editing all the time, 'round the clock. I'm thinking about phrasing, translating, about who will read the damn book, if I ever finish it, why I even write, why I can't do it, why I should do it and what's for dinner. That's too much, even for me, a multitasking maniac!

Second tip: Use strong, short words!
But I love to use long, complicated ones! I feel the constant urge to point out that English is my second language. But in the literary world there is no price for writing in English.. No one will slap me on the back and say "Hey that's real good.. for a German!"

Thirdly, and most importantly: Don't tell, show!
Here's my downfall: I love telling people what I think. But the real good writers don't do that. They don't give away too much information because they want the audience to figure out essential elements like motivation e.g. for themselves. Good writers describe certain scenarios in a visual, not a judgemental way.

I am trying desperately to implement all those tips in the new story. But number 3 is a real mood killer...