So, you DO love cats!

First I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the nice emails and friendly support concerning Vengeance. It's really nice to hear some kind words regarding my latest story. Some people seemed to really get into the whole cat-theme and that really warmed my heart!

As you may or may not know, with this blog and all the exercise I get in writing short stories, my diction is slowly improving to the point where a native speaker (rsp. reader) might not actually know that I am a German, writing in English. To them, I could be of Russian or Asian descent as well ;)

I know that I have some troubles with (mainly the use of past) tenses, and as some of you pointed out, this confusion sometimes complicates the comprehension of certain passages. That's something I'm working on and thanks to my good friend Nerina have some newfound insight on, as well. So, I should be fine!