A horror story: how adorable

Is it right to take out snippets of chapters of the novel and turn them into short stories? Yes, I am asking you, my very uncommunicative audience! What do you think?
Yes, I desperately need some more practice and what could be better than writing certain passages over and over again? Or will it just make me dizzy? I hope not! But there are some changes visible when I look at the progress.

(...) Clearly there was no one else but her in the house. But still the young woman felt uneasy, listening in on every little noise she heard. Even the familiar ones sounded peculiar in her ears, and strange shadows seemed to crawl slowly alongside her bedroom wall. She could only see them when she didn’t look at them directly but in the corner of her eyes she could sense things moving. (...)

Well it's horror 101, don't you think? Can't say that I haven't read that one before..

(...) There wasn’t anything to fear when she was in the house by daylight, with a clear vision and a point of view about life. But the nights were open minefields and within their reach everything became possible, especially when her mind slowly faded away in a crepuscular state but her body denied her the much desired wish to sleep. Her vision was blurry but yet her senses seemed to sharpen and all those dark things surrounding her appeared one by one on the horizon of her mind. (...)

Woohoo, that's better, but still there's a "Chucky" hidden somewhere. I hope not under my keyboard.

Let's see what will happen next!