Booh Part II

So it continues, a fantasy novel dressed up as a scary story about ghosts and a screaming woman (well, so to speak).

I have to say, as surprised as I am by this, I kind of like it! Not that I am generally a fan of horror - quite the opposite - but I am strangely drawn to the style of creating scary scenarios with strange creatures in it. Oh yes!

(...) She tried not to move, not to breath and not to exist at all in the impossible quest to be overlooked by the thing that hunted her. It was a somewhat foolish idea but she felt incapable of doing anything else but trying to avoid being perceived by the creature slowly approaching her feet. (...)

There's no better genre than horror to torture your characters!

(...) All she could make out at the foot end of her bed was an accumulation of something dark being there and not really there at the same time. It seemed to shift its shape constantly, moving in and around itself like a dark cloud in time-lapse but lacking the density to remain in a certain form. (...)

To be continued..