Happy New Year...

Since I don't have anything of real substance to talk about let me complain a little about something personal.
Getting old stinks.
For those of you young enough not to have felt the side effects of aging: congrats. For all those others: it stinks stinks STINKS, doesn't it!

There's nothing wrong with aging un-dignified if you ask me. I plan on complaining, whining and lamenting about it all the way through until the white light finally makes me feel fuzzy and warm again. Hopefully.

The reason why I am writing about this at all is because I seriously can't believe that I spent the shortest period (in years) of my life being not old and didn't even have the brains to appreciate what that really meant. Since my late 20s everything went downhill, and I mean literally, because either gravity began to take its toll or things just started to fall apart. Like a slightly rotten wodden box. A little overly dramatic, I admit..

But it will get worse with every year to come. So you either have to close your eyes and walk right through it or you do as I do. Noticing even the slightest change and being terrified by it! Sounds like much more fun to me!