Expect the expected

So, there I am again, writing something. I have written several poems and short stories over the last weeks due to the decease of a beloved friend, but they have yet to be edited and revised. Some of this stuff is really nothing for the public eye, because it's horribly pathetic and whiny :)

I have always found death to be a powerful source of inspiration, but as a result the outcome often is a shameless self-pityful complaint about the way life works. It's really ugly when you think about it. I'm not saying not to be sad when someone dies, but be aware that the poor creature you are whining about always is yourself. Makes it much easier.

So, what the heck, please enjoy some raw stuff, and I mean it:

There's a shadow on my heart,
from every angle I see you!
Is it the furry paw I know?
Still - I hope that it is not.

There's a hole in the backyard.
It just cannot be true.
Don't just lie there.
Get up! Move! Play!

The daylight reminds me;
there once was a light in your eyes.
It should have lasted longer,
I wanted it to.

There are many reasons for me
not to wish you Goodbye.
Still, it was nice to have known you
for a little while.