Skyrim: A Tribute

In my dreams I have been a heroine, a queen and a dragon slayer a myriad of times. I killed slobbering trolls, flew over snow-covered mountains, and found hidden treasure buried somewhere in a muggy underground cave. Oh and I was a nudist also, taking long baths in hot water springs. Because in my dreams I am not ashamed of the wobbly bits (mostly because there are no wobbly bits). 


I was a magician, tinkering with potions and enchantments. I was a warrioress, busying myself with blacksmithing, until crafting that special armor made from dragonbone. Then I was granted the sword Dawnbreaker and I wielded it against oncoming opponents. It did as its name implied, it broke dawn just as well as bone.

Fans of fantasy and world immersion, don't take a pass on this one. You may not yet know that you are tailor-made for the world of Skyrim. You may not realize what it was that you were missing from life, stories or other RPGs. Your empathic heartstrings will be tingling with joy: because this is the moment you become what you knew you were in your heart all along. It doesn't matter if you play it with or without the Add-On, the experience of being in an open world has never been closer to the dream. And when you're walking in the meadow with your light leather boots and the crickets chirp beside your feet, you will feel it, and breathe it and witness this spectacular world come alive with your own eyes.

And I mean, come on, 30 bucks for living the dream? (And another $ 7,99 if you should decide to go for the Add-On) This is a reasonably priced investment, if you ask me.