Thank You - Come Again

Look at this mess. An unwashed, wild-haired filthy beast of a woman. And it smells funny, too.

Well that was yesterday. Now, I'm back to my more spiffy self (as seen in the picture). Both funny and not so funny things happen in life, not only when you're trying to write a story in only a month but all the time. It sounds like back-alley psychology, doesn't it. I reached the 50k goal in NaNoWriMo yesterday, but the plan is to also finish the story before Nov 30th ends. And then one of the not so funny things happened on Monday, the kind of thing that made me temporarily forget all about my plans. My hubby had this horrible biliary colic, and it came right in between Artie Kendrick's attempt to flee from his parole violation and me, writing about it. He's the main character in my fantasy story. But since hubby is the main character in my life story, he always trumps Artie.

The whole incident made me obsess about other things for a while, but I'm not grateful for that kind of distraction. Doc said he should be fine. We're still waiting for the results of the blood test to hopefully eliminate a more serious underlying cause.

No, I'm fine now, really. Gained two pounds due to eating nothing but crap. I have stopped looking in the mirror with the lights on. My desk shows a striking resemblance to John Nash's wall, plastered with teeny tiny notes written in pencil. The annoying thing is that other work starts to pile up, and I have been staring at it for two weeks now, hoping for an extension; or wishing for it to magically disappear.

But hey, I'm fine. My throat feels like someone skillfully acupunctured it in several places at once. My back hurts. My cheeks have started to feel numb against the chair. Other than that I have no legitimate excuse to stop now and be a winner by word count only. Three more days.