Nah No Write More

After having written chunks for NaNoWriMo, what could be better than - right - blogging about it as a distraction? The thing is, since my fingers are already in training, there is no reason why I shouldn't  write more, and get them in really good muscle shape for tomorrow. I figured that it's the same as cultivating horny skin on your fingers when playing the guitar.

Thus far, the writing-a-novel-in-a-month experience has been positive. I am not as behind as I thought I would be after having a late start. This is a completely new story I am working on. I had several ideas for what I wanted to write, one was a semi-biographic 1990s inspired homage to grunge music (a crossing between Almost Famous, My So-Called Life, and snippets from my own life), and I might still write that some day, but for now, I need a more plot-driven story with some room to freestyle in between pivotal points, worthy of at least 50000 words.

So, surprise, surprise, I'm writing a fantasy story, and it will be titled Anoethau.

The hero is a bit older this time, male and an ex-convict... after all the "girl action" on The Days Adrift I'd say this is more than welcome. And it feels good to write about manly things for a change.

The difficult thing is that with the goal of having a certain amount of words in the end, I can't edit as I go along, which is something I usually do. This challenge is about finishing something, and doing the editing afterwards. You wouldn't believe how hard that is...I am a neat freak, and I need cleaned up sentences, not the verbal excrements of a first draft. I have to force myself to not look back all the time, which is a challenge all in itself.

We'll see how it goes.