Six-Sentence-Sunday 15/7

No matter how good or bad a week may have been so far, it always ends up with a wonderful pick-me-up called the Six Sentence Sunday! Today, because of the stupid solar storm, I have this piercing headache. No, the three glasses of wine I had yesterday had nothing to do with it... of course not. Wine is my friend, Gale is not. How are all your heads today? Better, I hope! Anyways, let's dive back in where we left off. --->That's what went down last week in The Days Adrift. 3 girls 1 boat, and not much room to spare...

Brita is a pretty girl, small and slender, with dark raven hair and a facial expression that wavers between aloof and helpless countless times a day. Boys liked to look after her whenever she strolled along the streets, sometimes they would walk up to her and ask her things. Tams is not nearly as pretty, if the label 'pretty' even applies at all. She has beefy arms and legs, and frizzy hair, faintly reminiscent of dried up briarwood just before the storm. Tams has the dog smarts thing going for her, and a keen nose to sniff out all kinds of opportunities and people. 
Her nose, however, was green enough to let her get involved in murder.