Six-Sentence-Sunday 7/1

Hello everyone to a shiny new Sunday, with a shiny new WIP. The good muse hit me last week and I started writing at once, and sort of couldn't stop. I'm still unsure as to I really have it in me to write Young-adult fiction, and that's what this is, but I am having a blast writing these characters, and I guess, in the end that's what is important. So let me present you with the first six sentences of The Days Adrift, Chapter 1 and the story about three girls at sea, on the run from the turmoil of war and crime, in particular one they committed themselves. So, let me hear it!

Check out the ==>Prologue on my Blog for a seamless transition (-really short read, more of a readlet)

Without Tams’s help we would never have made it to shore with this thing. It’s no simple task, carrying a bulky boat above the head, but luckily Tams has the muscle power of two of us, or one ox, as she likes to say. She swore a lot throughout, which made me think that both Brita and I are clearly worth less than half an ox. Tams is the one I am glad to have aboard; I’ve known her much longer than Brita. Brita's father and mine did business once or twice last year, that’s how I know her, but then again, not really. I haven’t seen her in a crisis.