Six-Sentence Sunday 6/24

Good Sunday, to all my fellow Sunday Sixers!

And we'll get rrrrright back into the swing of things, with Guardian Kaley and Mage Nian on their journey to Wintershedge. Kaley has a bit of a leadership crisis at the moment, and then something happens to make things even worse. Climbing down the banks to cross the river Ard, Kaley slips on Nian's cloak and falls down...hard. 

Looking forward to reading your thoughts on this!

“Shit, are you alright?” Nian’s voice sounded from behind, and he
came down the rest of the steep bank by the conventional route. He knelt down beside her, and she felt a gentle hand on her lower back. 
“Kaley?” he asked, but she didn’t respond. His worried tone made her feel even more useless. 
“Stop asking me if I'm alright,” she snapped, “I am not your responsibility.”  
~If anything, you are mine, she thought bitterly, but it seemed a formality as much as a cruel joke, as she lay there, stranded, with her face down in the gravel.