Six-Sentence-Sunday 6/3

Weee, and it's another one of those SISESU moments I have been looking 
forward to all week! This Sunday, I'd like to share another excerpt from my fantasy 
story, a WIP.

What happened earlier:
It is the morning after a night of severe stomach cramps and vomiting. 
Nian, the young boy of 12 years wakes up, exhausted. 
Looking in the mirror he finds himself to be the owner of a freshly-grown beard 
and notices other, more drastic "changes" to his physique.  
He senses there must be something wrong with him, and he eavesdrops on his 
parents talking in the kitchen...

Looking forward to your feedback! :)

"He threw up all night," Nian heard his mother say, and the noise of dishes being set on the table, as well as the clanking of forks and spoons.

"He ate too much of the deviled stew your mother made, 
you should have stopped him," his father said somewhere 
at the farther end of the room. 

Nian clenched his fists in sudden anger, a habit as of late, whenever he picked up on his father's jovial tone.

"Don't joke about it Illnor; you know as well as I what this could mean for us and him." 

His mother sounded like a stranger through the ajar door, talking about him and them as though they were separates, 
and his heart began to sink.

Someone pulled back a chair and it caused that insufferable 
noise, wood on tiles, scraping the surface of the floor like nails on a chalkboard.