Six-Sentence-Sunday 5/27

Yesterday while I was doodling Magister's Clearing on my little travel map (with a flashy pen and my tongue sticking out), I had an idea for my story.

My grandparents once owned this beautiful house in the southern, rural parts of Germany, and the house, as it is local tradition, has an epigram on the front, carved in wood.

Theirs roughly translates as Diligence will be rewarded by God and shows the patron saint for craftspeople, St. Josef on a work bench.

Then I thought: spiritual messages on houses, that might be neat! So for my story, I wrote an epigram (a bit longer) for the house of Mages. I'm interested in your response.

These are patron saint Aune's words addressed to the living planets and my contribution to this week's Sunday Six:

Aune, Patron Saint of Instigation

Rise up, all you stars and orbs
Set out to change their course for good
For the winds are in your favor
As you are source, and they are life.

You let them have their way 
too long.
So go now, throw them 
off their tracks.

Be inconspicuous and obscure
Encircle and entice them
And lull them 
to their sleeps..

Then lunge and flare up
And let them wither
Make them burn.
For you are the familiar
and they have gone astray.