*Random choice of six sentences from my Work-In-Progress*

She came to realize that Nian and his friends truly were the voiceless of this world, dispossessed and completely stripped of their rights 
as human beings. 
As she thought about the inequity of the very system she was about to become a part of, her strides turned into furious stomps. 

They reached the little grove at noon and found a shady and cool site amidst the trees where Kaley leaned against a mighty stem to rest for a while. 
Her feet were sore, and she felt the bark clinging to her from behind, which provided some much needed relief to her back. 

Nian sat down across from her, huddling up against a bulky stub of a tree. 
He didn't look tired at all, he was just as hungry as he always was, and once again Kaley marvelled at his resiliance against physical strain.