Six-Sentence-Sunday 4/22

*I think I messed up on the timeline a bit, meaning that I was supposed to get my six lines ready earlier - AM EST wise. Well, there is no excuse, except me, yelling filthy oathbreaker at the bathroom mirror.
Anyways, here they are, my Sunday's Six from my fantasy novel, a WIP. While you're here, check out the other Sunday Sixers :)*

As Kaley and Nian came closer, the Mage muttered something incoherent, and although Kaley didn't understand the exact words, she had no trouble deciphering the insulting connotation they carried. 
"What's this?" he barked at Morgen, while pointing a tremoring index finger at both of them. 
"These are Kaley and Nian, Guardian and Mage," Morgen said, reaching out her arms between them as though trying to mediate "and this is Storm." 
"It's what they call me," Storm added after a silent pause. Maybe it wasn't his real name, but he sure looked like a Storm, Kaley thought, studying his drawn features suspiciously. 
There was something deeply unsettling about his face, half-hidden beneath the cowl, and wild, grey strands of hair, emerging in untaimed tufts from within the blue cloth.