Drama For Dummies

I better warn you right now, I am no drama queen. I wish I was! When I witness people argue on busses or trains, I sometimes wonder how they do it.

It uses up a lot of energy to be angry. I don't have that kind of stamina.

Sometimes I decide to argue with someone, just as a matter of principle and I really really suck at it.

I am able to debate with people vehemently, I can even be convincing while trying to make a point,
but when it comes to the rhetorics of hostility, there's no resource to draw from.

There's just no "No, but you're more stupid!" reflex button. Damnit.

I tell you, my lack of ambition respective aggression affects every aspect of my life,
and it creates some consequences, for better or for worse.

I mean, as a writer, it's not all that negative to be able to witness and create drama
without being all tangled up in it oneself.

But being good "in life" means to jump in, get involved and be open to a little disharmonic filth from time to time.

To be able to experience every facet of life entails to get angry, throw some stuff around, scream, screech, close doors with attitude,
followed by the obligatory silent treatment, vengeful glances across the kitchen table, snippy comments. A significant exchange of well-aimed hits.

Give me the potatoes. 
Go, get them yourself. 
You're an ass. 
Right back at you. 

I don't like getting angry, even though it supposedly keeps you healthy and slender.

What about heart attacks? Don't they happen more frequently when people get aggravated?
Or is there a (health-) difference between being grouchy and borderline choleric?

Nevermind, I don't get it, but I'll try to be more angry from now on.

Get a provocative haircut. Tattoo my face.

Maybe I'll start this very day by spitting on sidewalks, starting arguments for no reason
and being a real pain to the world around me.

Create some drama, make some enemies.

What the heck! Yeah, because you're more stupid!!!