Dear Friend.

This post is dedicated to you. You decided to quit the world of social networks. I applaud you.

This network experience, it’s really something, isn’t it? Everybody is present, in a manner of speaking.
Everybody pretends to be something. Everybody is convinced that the outside-eye is watching. Does anyone care? Just in case they do, everybody, go boost your personal stats! Go represent!

Look good, pretend to be worldly, sound smart. 
Broaden your mind, eat that raw fish, 
don’t be so provincial! Swallow, simpleton. Post a picture of it.
Be liberal, tolerate all opinions, have some respect for your kin. 
Chose agnosticism, simulated scepticism is a definite go-go.
Mention it in your profile. 
Question authority but don’t challenge it. Go vote. But steer clear of the radical misfits. 
Take your pick in the middle and click the Like-it button.
Pretend to care about reputable issues. Feminism, the environment. World peace. 
Join a group. 
Avoid looking at the big picture. Focus on the detail and run with it. 
Everybody is entitled to his opinion.

You know the etiquette and you hate it.

And that is why, for you, my friend, I lay all my cards out on the table. 

I am middle-aged, sometimes depressed, I have antisocial tendencies. 
I am an atheist. 
When I wake up I look like roadkill. 
I like to eat Schnitzel, not Sushi.
Popmusic, videogames and hanging out at home 
make my heart feel light. Only once in my life have I successfully left the continent. 

I never wanted to have a career. I don’t want to be rich. 
I am really scared of death.
World peace is fine with me, as long as it doesn’t stand in the way of my happiness. 
Feminism, great, so I can get rid of some of the domestic chores. 
I am unambitious, impatient, intolerant and as far as I’m concerned very gifted in the brains department.
And still, nobody cares. Maybe you, a little.

I'll miss you.

For Tom.