Party like we used to

 Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Do you remember your late teen years? I do, at least I think I remember something. Being 15, attending parties of people I hardly knew, nervously taking my first zip of some unmentionable drink, usually served in a plastic cup and handed over by a person who was much too drunk to create a sensible mix of Rum and Coke. Oooh yes, these were the times, my friends! Listening to loud and oftentimes grungy music, feeling lightheaded, throwing up in the woods and all that good stuff. In one word growing up in the 90s. The best thing about adolescence was to be full of hopes and dreams about what life would be. And anything was possible, right? Life was a mystery, out there to be discovered!

As the years roll by and my perception of the world slowly but undeniably starts to decay along with every other part of my body, I painfully realize, these times are gone. Subjectively, time goes by much quicker now and in general, my days don't feel like an adventure playground anymore.

What most people do when they realize this is to drastically change their life situation. There are these men, who suddenly decide to drive a Porsche. There are those women, who decide to travel the world. In most cases, these changes are quick fixes for something, that can't be fixed by running away to random countries or driving a fast car.

The only way to outsmart time itself is either to discover the fountain of youth or getting used to change. As flexible as the human concept is, we still have some serious problems with changes, especially the ones we see taking place during our lifetime. Everything would be much easier if we could just accept certain things as they are: changing constantly.

I will never be 15 again. But on the other hand, I won't be 30 forever! So, maybe it's like that half full cup of Rum and Coke. We will never again be as young as we are today, so technically, every day, we are much younger than the next day to come. Isn't that something?

Singles OST, The Soundtrack to my Youth