Things I need to do: do the dishes, feed the cat, write a book

I suppose now is the time to finish this thing before it starts to smell! I really do fear that the time has come for this kind of story to hit the tables (and hopefully the bestseller lists as well). So I should be finished with it about.. erm.. now. Great!

I am currently involved with Jonathan Stroud: Bartimaeus Bk 1, another bestseller soon-to-be-movie. There's a noticeable change in the world of fantasy books I recently read. They all do without the typical fantasy setting. The plot nowadays evolves in "our world" (sort of) and the magical cratures seem much more modern than pointy eared elves with bows.

Admittedly, Bartimaeus is an ancient being, but he is nonetheless adapt to our world ( sort of) . The reason I refer to it as sort of is, because yet again there's a world similar to ours with magic floating all around but still no explanation where it comes from or secondly how magical and non-magical creatures are able to coexist. Ok, maybe there will be an explanation on page 484.. I haven't read that far, so my bad, Mr. Stroud.

P.S. Since I am already in a complaining mood: please all of you copy cats out there: leave Ursula
K. LeGuin alone. Surely her idea seems linguistically and otherwise compelling (every creature has a true name which enables others who know this name to have power over them) but it just seems old-school to me - and not in a good way! This idea has been elaborated beautifully by Mrs LeGuin. So if you need a reason for someone to use magic in contrast to others who don't - think off something else or if ou can't: convince me that Ursula's idea is actually yours! But treating this topic like a raw egg makes me really suspicious..