Alone in the dark

For some reason we all need to work, at least that's what everyone tells me. Today my husband had to leave for a day of work in another city and he will be back tomorrow. Since we normally are tandemed all the time a separation always just feels wrong to me. I am not ashamed to say that I want to be with my main man all the time. He rarely ever annoys me which is kind of extraordinary since I have a low threshold in regards to some of the annoyance the universe generally throws at me.

And there's something else missing when he's not there. My safety-net! As every slightly paranoid woman I have visions of getting strangeled by some random murderer whose only purpose it is to break into my house and kill me and after that to flee with the Xbox and maybe some of my favorite games stuck into his pockets hoping to sell the whole package on the black market.

So there's a general agreement amongst women of being afraid while walking alone in a park at night and to feel safe while being around people they know but to be reasonable there's not much probability for being killed (if killed it is) by anyone else than their immediate family or friends - rarely a complete stranger poses a threat. Our assessment on the probabilities of being murdered is a little distorted by the movie industry I suppose.

So I guess we feel safe when we shouldn't and are afraid when there's no reason for it. But still - I rather want to be killed by my husband if it was up to me. He appreciates the Xbox as much as I do, so I have no problem with him running away with it!