It's a kind of magic

Fantasy is a great genre for writing stories. Many writers have a clear understanding of what a typical fantasy setting has to be like. There are wizards and all sorts of fantastic creatures roaming around doing something to save someone usually utualising magic.

Now magic, that is the key to all fantasy. Why use a firearm when you can throw fireballs. Way cooler, isn't it? Usually wizards are calm and souvereign, highly charismatic creatures who do know how to use their power wisely, but then the bad wizard-guy comes along, abuses his power and everything goes to hell until someone saves the day.

Now i am fine with stereotypes as long as they are somewhat believable and there is at least one ounce of reason behind the universe the writer in question created.

Sometimes though i fear the genre has reached its peak. All its ressources seem depleated. I think what fantasy needs is a fresh approach. You don't even have to invent new sorts of creatures to do so, but please, i beg of you, do something about the magic. Now is it just me or are there others who are deeply unsatisfied with some protagonists in novels just having the power to do extraordinary things while others just don't. And if you do the whole Harry Potter pure descent thing at least explain to me why there are genetics involved. It is genetics, isn't it? For heaven's sake, let it be a disease or something. But please don't just give the generic "he/she's just special" answer. I am sick of that.

As you can see i am angry. Maybe this is part of the whole idea i have in mind. I don't want fantasy to die, but to survive it desperately needs an injection. I am not saying that i am the one who will do this successfully. You definitely need practice before you hit the right vein.

I have a proposal and this is what i am trying to do here. Bring some science into the game and let the reader know that i wasn't just unable to come up with some logic behind the craziness that happens, but try to give it some meat.

Fantasy needs logic and reason as well as magic and mysticism. Now i am not smart enough to write a sci-fi novel but i will try to bring some science into fantasy. I can imagine it will do wonderous things for its advance.