First steps

So this is the deal: i am turning 30 this year and i am unsuccessful in doing stuff other people do to make money. I have never made real money.

Firstly i studied something which is really bad for making money. It is called psycholinguistics and most people have never heard that such a subject even exists. I tried to study law but i failed miserably.

When i changed my major to psycholinguistics i realized one thing, and that is that i am not a suit. But luckily at the University of Munich, there's something for everyone, even for those people who don't know what to do and just need a place to be left alone figuring it out.

I didn't do much to pass the tests but i did. And i realized another thing while being around other students: i am not an artsy- kind of girl either. Oh dear, i should better getting used to saying woman since the 30 is hanging over my head...

So what am i then? Almost 30, M.A., married, one cat. I love computer games - and by that i don't mean the whole fashionable wii-thing that's going on. I am a hardcore gamer. Yes, ma'am.

As i made my way through all the genres i could get my hands on (shooters, MMOs, Jump and Run, Tacticals and RPGs i realized that i liked the latter most of all. And that's because there is story involved. Now i don't imply that other games don't have a story to tell, but usually they are of greater importance in RPGs. While i spent hours in front of the computer or the console i noticed that i wanted to experience the thrill of being in a world unlike the one i know, sinking into the mind of someone i could never be. If there's a good story somewhere to be told i want to experience it firsthand. But more than that. I want to create one myself.