Milk, Dead, Snore

This new being, this tired old sack filled with chocolate, caffeine and milk..what is it doing, how does it survive? I'm sure you've heard of zombies. Not only are they seen on the Walking Dead, they roam amongst us, covered in spit-up, hiding their rotten flesh underneath bad hair, dandruff and splintered nail polish. What do they do, how do they survive? Let me tell you a little secret. They feed on the smiles of little humans! Disgusting, right! Let me tell you, how annoyed I am with myself for a moment here. Is this baby thing the only thing I can talk about anymore? Are there no other things in my life? Games, movies, books? Meh, pfeh! Apparently not. I am now officially one of those people. I am having a blast so long as I can keep my eyes open. Until comatose sleep grabs my ankles and pulls me into the dark. Oh that boy! That precious little bag of soul candy! He ate my brain after all - little zombie that he is!

Awww, him!