Keeping Up with the Kardashians reviewed: Perfectly normal, perfectly healthy

I'm truly happy to have access to pay TV, and some of the American based cable network. I feel like it helps me keep in (cultural) touch with my peeps across the great pond. The Sky package includes great things, such as Cinema in addition to documentary channels, which I love. I feel like a kid in the candy store being able to watch Game of Thrones Season 3 the same time it's on HBO, and Sky Atlantic was one of the best things that ever happened - eeeever!

Not to speak of NatGeo, and TNT and, ooh, I could rave about this all day long. What a sensible mix of infotainment or edutainment, or whatever flattering label they thought of to market themselves..

As of April 30 this year, the infamous entertainment network E! has joined the game.
Yay ... right?!! I quickly discovered that having access to E! is like having a batch of heroin lying around the coffee table. I hate myself a little bit, for being powerless to resist getting sucked into their vortex of fashion ins and outs, gossip and Kardashianisms.

Correction: E! is like being hit with a tranquilizer gun AND a highly addictive substance at the same time. OK. Time to speak of the Kardashians, and what a wonderful family they are...

Keeping up with the Kardashians sets a perfect example for the newly rich, the self-proclaimed elite of society, and why we should all hate them. Before E!, I have only known of this family from tabloids, and I was unaware why Kim Kardashian had become a sudden style icon and "it" personality, even here in our parts. Now I know. Now, since I have been to their houses, their bedrooms, their cars and their bathrooms, I feel like I really know them.

The family itself is not that bad, they are not animals or something. They have speech. They look after one another, well, on the condition that they're related. In-laws are considered parasites, leeches, unless they themselves have acquired a certain social standing before they join the clan.

But the thing I find truly appalling is that everyone in the family claims to be the number one plowhorse as for the reason why they have become famous, when in fact, their actual work consists of self-marketing with the sole purpose of keeping the spotlight. After all, they have been a household name ever since their father, Robert Kardashian defended O.J. Simpson.

But thanks to reality TV they have become a media phenomenon, and consider it their family responsibility to compulsively give back to society. You see the deviancy behind that. "Give back" to the society which they sell themselves to. Their fashion label and stores are run by their minions, their charity events get organized for them by other people.

I mean, having your life televised in every gory detail is definitely strenuous. Having cameras at their side each and every day, having to act out half-scripted conflicts deprives this family of a real life. Privacy. Time. That is what they actually put in the balance. How sad this is. How can anyone even enjoy this lifestyle when they don't have a life. Yes, sad. So from now on, I promise to only watch them reluctantly...but watch them I will!!!

A MADtv parody. The part about helping the blind is spot on.

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