Short Notice: Heartbeat

There are many forces at work, the forces that cause the beating of your heart. Having a sinoatrial node is one of those things. It is the tissue, that will keep the heart in a certain steady pace. Electrophysiology gives rise to the short circuit, or conduit of heartbeat.

Have you ever wondered if there is such a thing as a long circuit? It may sound silly, but yes, I'm asking for the electropsychology of heartbeat, or something that gives some form of motivation for it to beat.

(Yes, I know... extra sappy intro today. Feel free to blame it on the serious case of candy and teddy bear poisoning I am currently suffering from..)

Still, back to the potential existence of e-psychology..

Is there, or is there not such a thing as a heartbeat motivation? As expected, what tells your heart to beat is not the heart itself but something entirely different..

Right, and we're here again at Grand Central. It's the brain. It always seems to come down to it! Brain is in charge of all things voluntary and involuntary. It is Mommy Goose, at the head end of the table, telling her children (body parts) what to do. That's her job.

What she likes to do in her time off however, is to read a good book, a great one even, if there is time. Were it not for those excellent stories, shimmering horizons and glaring heroes, Mommy wouldn't have a reason to get out of bed once that dark, cloud-covered Monday morning comes, again and again, another one each week. 

Opinions differ on this question. Many people argue that that is not motivation however; motivation - to them - is things we don't have, future-wants. They state that it's money or the prospect of success keeping us going, as in reasons why we want to strive forward, implying that we're dutiful creatures, caring creatures, even greedy ones first, and explorers second.

But think about it; while a job, well done or a sorrow, nullified may cause ephemeral satisfaction in the reward center of your brain (aka Mommy's living room), we tend to quickly shrug it off and sign another small check mark on that long list of to-do's. And as we move on we forget about it. That list is as long as our lives. 

Because there is no long-term significance in short-sighted achievements. Wheew, that was a mouthful. Better focus on the keeping-ourselves-entertained-while-we-get-there part, wherever the destination may be. Hoping for metamorphosis through things to come is less rewarding than taking that brain out for a spin and let it see things; it will light up like a Christmas tree and bring happiness; yap, keep it circulated - that's what we are wired for. And all those things, life, stories, real or imaginary, they are right there, tangible and up for grabs.

Excellent defib for tired hearts: Howl's Moving Castle

~Get well soon, hubbs!~