Editing Excerpt

Just a little update as I commence the editing process. Good bye, vomit draft, may we never meet again (at least for this story). I just went over to the NaNoWriMo site and realized it was still the same excerpt of my story posted as there was a month ago...yikes! This will be the new one. For you. Because I like you.

"Cabby slowly moved forward, towards the grime-stained urinal. Another small step. Then another. He snarled. The little bell at his collar rang in that high-pitched frequency Artie had heard once before. He drew the sword. The shadows crept closer but Cabby stood his ground. He anchored his paws firmly into the floor. Like a warrior, Artie realized, and mirrored the stance on his own two feet as best he could. The shadows closed in a ring upon them, and the light of day withered away. Only Cabby, it seemed, shed a warm radiance from within. It was subtle at first, but it grew bigger and brighter, until it illuminated even the darkest corner of the restroom. Once the tiles on the walls were ablaze with light, Artie had to cover his eyes. The little dog was unmoving, ingrained like a statue, yet he shone like a beacon of hope against the nascent darkness."