Sunshine Blogger Award 2012

Thank you, M.L. Falconer for honoring me with the Sunshine Award.
Ahem, I want to thank everyone who was in this movie with me..oh..wait..wrong ceremony.
I am very glad to have met Mel during the weekly Six Sentence Sunday blog fest. He is a wonderful human being with a myriad of talents and interests, such as being a world-class hiker as well as an audiophile with his own audio book production. Mel is a truly passionate writer who fully commits to his works, which is something I really admire. Aww, I'm happy just to think that I live in times like these. Without the internet, Mel and I would never have met, especially not while hiking. I never hike, much less across the Atlantic!

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a great opportunity to get to know fellow writers and bloggers without actually having to peek through their bedroom windows with a pair of binoculars. So, shoo, people!

 The rules for the award ceremony are fairly simple:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award
  • Answer 8 questions
  • Pass the award on to 8 sunshine-worthy bloggers

I think I'll be going the Lucky Seven route again regarding the tagging. It means that this post serves as an automatic tagging mechanism to anyone who wants to participate. These challenges should be fun and done on a voluntary basis. Peeps, consider yourselves tagged, if you like.

My favorite Christmas/Holiday movie? That's easy, it's Three Wishes For Cinderella! I have watched this fairy-tale once a year at Christmas ever since I was a little girl. I liked it so much that I remember one year, when my dad hogged the TV all day because of Winter Olympics, I ran over to my neighbor, a kindly old lady, who let me watch it in her living room and even made me some hot chocolate. Ahh, the times without VCR and only one TV in every household...
Would I still do the same thing today? Probably!
It's a magical movie, with snowy woods and a Cinderella who doesn't just fall into the prince's arms, but climbs trees, shoots crossbows and has to be chased quite a bit.

My favorite Flower? I really like to look at Calla lilies, I think they are very elegant, almost unreal looking, and I love how the colors of the blossom and the stem blend into one another. I would never go out and buy flowers to put in vase though, and I don't care much for a flowery present either. It's nice to know that right at this moment, somewhere in Africa, the lilies are at full bloom - and bring joy to someone who just passes them by. At least that's what I like to think..

My favorite non-alcoholic beverage? That changes quite a lot. At the moment I like rooibos soft drinks, especially during and after workout sessions. A few months ago, I used to religiously drink apple spritzer. Before that it was coke and fizzy. Juice. And loooong before that...well, mother's milk, what else. ;)

My passion? Apart from all the writerly things that is? Playing video games! I have an Xbox, a PS3, a Wii, and a high-end PC not to miss any good titles coming out for those platforms. I simply love role playing games, and even talking about game mechanics and reviewing games is so much fun. I have been playing RPGs and MMORPGs for over 10 years. I love to stroll through luscious woods, climb up to the top of mountains - and fight and ogre or two on my way down. The ideas I come up with while roaming the Skyrim landscape... it's like being on vacation!

Skyrim nights
Dodo the dog and me, in TERA

My favorite time of year? now, September and October. I love the warm days and cool nights of the Indian Summer. Everything about this time of year is great. I was born in September, so it must be true, tee-hee. But other than that, there are colorful leaves and there is bright wheat, kites flying, gingerbread and hazelnuts. Not to forget about pumpkins and delicious pumpkin soup.

My favorite time of day? Early mornings, the time of day when it's still quiet, but the day's rumblings are about to begin..also for me, it is the most productive time of day.

My favorite physical activity? Yikes! Well, if nothing else I like doing cardio, but only the short cardio workouts. Hubby calls it the hot chick silly dance. Well, what can I say, Turbofire is high intensity interval training, with at least 20 to 30 minutes every day...other than that...yikes!

My favorite vacation? The spontaneous one. Catching a train to god-knows-where. Deciding on the spur of the moment where and in which town to get off. Don't book a room in advance. Don't buy a map. Get your tiny bag with no more than two days worth of clothes, point in a random direction and go, just go.