Six-Sentence-Sunday: Haze of my Betrayal


Hi there, Sunday Sixers, it's good to see you again! After a week of letting my arms and legs dangle from a beach chair, my think strike is officially over! This week I'm back to share another episode of my YA story The Days Adrift. This is part 7, and, as always, your writerly input is very welcome and highly appreciated. :)
Last time, overwhelmed by desperation and fear, the protagonist almost lost herself to the water. But someone pulled her back into the boat...

"Are you crazy?!" Brita yells right through the haze of my betrayal. 
She pushes me back and slaps me in the face, 
again and again, a little harder each time.
I want to tell her to stop it, reassure her that I am back now, 
but weary as I am, my mouth won't open to say the words.  

"We don't do that, you hear me?" she sounds like a frail little girl, lecturing another not to swim out too far.
She's afraid.
Her hand clings to my wrist like a limpet; 
she's afraid for my life.