Six-Sentence-Sunday 8/12

Looksie here, it's a new dawn. It's a new day. Sunday! Today I want to introduce you to some of my more recent scribblings. They are called --->Shorts! (..with an exclamation point - because they are just outrageously short short stories) and you'll find them on my blog. The point of these Shorts! is to write a story that begins as close to the end as possible - this one needed 17 sentences in total, and you can look up how it ends  --->here
These are the first six sentences of The Long Run.
Looking forward to reading your comments and criticisms! :)

The Long Run

He paused and looked at her, "What else is there to say?"

What needed to be said had been said, and it was he who had done most of the talking. Her body and mouth remained still, except for the one silent nod she gave him.

He didn’t need to wait for her response;

she didn’t put up a fight. 

She looked away, far across the lot of picket fences, and her gaze pierced right through the suburban Arcadia, to that other place her mind went sometimes. 

There was a time when their life had been nimble, when smiles were just smiles, not crooked strains, when every small occurrence seemed like a riddle for them to understand in their later years – a time when they would be wise and knowledgeable regarding all things life.