Six-Sentence-Sunday 7/29

Sunday, Sunday, gonna get down on Sunday...oh wait, that was Friday.. Anyways, last weekend I slacked off, but today I'm back full speed ahead- like that nasty STD you just can't seem to get rid of.. oh well, enough already. My story is called The Days Adrift and -->this is what happened earlier.
This Sunday is the day, you actually get to take a closer look into the boating experience with our girl-fugitives running from their crime towards the open sea. Sail ahoy.

We three share a small space in Brita's boat, a cockleshell too tiny even to lie down all at once. Two of us have to sit upright, close behind one another while the third may catch some Z's in the shade of the sail. Ever since I drew the long straw for the navigational post, Brita has decided to be pissed. I feel her venomous little eyes in the back of my head every time I give directions. 
"I like it better when you sleep and she's awake with me," she hisses, in between my turns and hoists. "Likewise," I say with a snarl, but a sudden boom of waves against the wood drowns out my voice.