Six-Sentence-Sunday 6/17

Six Sentence Sunday - that's my funday! Last week I didn't have much time to write, read and comment, but this Sunday it's back to the ol' blog'n'hop. I'm pretty much drawing a blank today - so I'm doing something I have never ever done before on a SiSeSu - this weekend, it's oneliners, six of them to be precise. Let me explain: These are supposed to be fun, and actually, a bit of a mockery of wise sayings - like Yoda, but absurd, and on acid. Let's see, how you like them.

I don't think I am a time traveller, but who knows, we may have met before.

Who ever tried to build a castle in the clouds knows that throwing sand in the air doesn't help the cause one bit.


My, how radiant the power plant glistens in the sunlight.


Heaven knows but only hell will tell. 


It's one soup at a time, my grandmother used to say.

Slow and steady wins the race, gross and fatty punches face.