Dismantling Politics

Politics ~ what is it good for?

You may ask yourself that question, I do, partially, because I don't follow the macroscopic decisions made by the representatives, partially because sadly enough I am always under-informed when it comes to the day-to-day business of governing. I am looking at politics like I look at my yearly balance sheet, trying to figure out what the hell these numbers and figures are supposed to mean, and how they could possibly affect me, the unsuspecting citizen. 

I guess when you look at it with the determination to understand the coherency, it's not so hard to figure out what the hell politics is good for. In simple words, it's decision-making on a really grand scale. Not only for you and me, but for the whole country. As a politician, it's not an easy task, working within the system, with people opposed to your own vision, and still trying to do things in accordance with the law, for the good of the majority of people. Having a budget of minus billions of Euro doesn't help your cause either. So why would anyone go into politics, and be the leader of the doomed pack? Yes, there has to be some kind of special interest, some ulterior motive to voluntarily choose a career as a politician.

George Orwell's pigs: fat, greedy and horrible at their job

Opening the newspapers this day and age, it seems that politicians are a whole new breed of pigs. They are corrupt, they know how to work the media to their advantage and they are all liars. They are liars pretending to be moral entities, when in fact, they are - well - pigs. Well-groomed, well-educated, ladder-climbing pigs with black holes (I am guessing: wallets) instead of souls. That's what we hear day in, day out. 

And yet again, that they don't deserve our trust nor any privileged status (given indirectly by us) when they are so willingly abusing it at any given opportunity.

It's a fatal flaw, that no one talks about aptitude anymore, about the capability to rule, to manage, to handle this mess we're all in. Our concern for politics solely focuses on what these politicians do to deceive us, and what a giant piece they take from the big fat cake belonging to all of us. But everyone's cake has already shrivelled to a really small cookie over the last years of financial crisis.

Groomed and educated Guttenberg and Wulff, still pigs at heart. Someone needs to do the job though.

Shouldn't we rather be concerned about the country? This country is not an ark, it's the Titanic, having its daily staff meeting while ramming the iceberg. What do I care about the person holding the office, when it's the office itself we should be concerned about? Liars, cheaters, blackmailers: please do your jobs properly, and then we may have your heads on a pike for what you did while no one was looking. But we shouldn't do it during office hours.