Ode to Science Fiction featuring Herrbasan

Hey there. I wanted to share this post with you, since I think it is a great explanation of what a certain genre of literature means to a certain human being. The genre being Science Fiction and the certain being being my husband.
Being being! Nice wrotation! :)

I wanted to add something to this post. I am admittedly not that big a fan of Science Fiction in general, but I like and appreciate the approach of a story as a vehicle for a virtual playthrough of events. I think it's necessary for us humans to have something like that. 

Unfortunately not all SF writers are equally passionate about writing and storytelling as they are about their ideas (to be fair - I guess that's true for writers of other genres as well). But to me, reading SF sometimes feels like decyphering a manual in a foreign language. But as I learned: What is SciFi, if not a foreign language or a subsequent one of things to come.