A disturbing challenge

Yesterday I got challenged by one of my readers* to write something about a very upsetting topic. I think the idea was inspired by the TV show Dexter.
(*Thank you Steven,
I hope you didn't think you would stay anonymous after what you've put me through here ;) )
At first I didn't want to do it. And I really really didn't want to post it. Still I don't!!
I feared that I would step into something dark and unpleasant in the process as well as make my readers feel extremely uncomfortable.
But then I thought, I'd be able to rebelliously fight through the urge to judge prematurely.. as an experiment!
I think I chickened out a little, that's why it remains a rather cryptic message. But I kept the first person view in spite of my reluctance.
It is, of course, completely fictional. I feel stupid even mentioning it, but anyhoo..


The thing I lost

I knew someone once. The boy and I, we were friends.
I lost him in the woods. Now, I am lost.
I created a stir.
I knew something once. But not anymore.

Whatever it is, I need to get it back.
I am the one who loses things constantly.
Last month’s keys,
tomorrow’s kind heart.
You can lose anything, if you are sufficiently careless.

I am the loser. Me. The one, who loses.
And now, I don’t even remember
what it was.
It is important to find out.
And mend what is broken.

The search party is out there.
The flood light examines
the undergrowth.
I lost something once. 

I hope it’s still there.