In writing or any other creative genre, some events seem to be a most powerful source of inspiration.
There is, for one, happiness!
There are those moments that make you smile,
and while it can be nice to describe your feelings to the outside world,
being happy doesn't necessarily sharpen your pen or your mind.
Constant happiness is a strong opiate.

How many songs or stories are written about being happy?
Well, there are some, but they are not really as clever or insightful as the ones about pain. People rarely self-reflect on why they are happy. And why would they?! Oftentimes it would make them unhappy to question the synthesis of a well-balanced state of mind.

Sadly, there are those other events like the loss of someone you love, experiencing life-threatening disease, or maybe the end of a relationship. People try to avoid getting hurt, feeling helpless and experiencing loss. It is a desolate state to be in. These traumatic changes throw you in daunting places. The corridors seem to wind and unwind without an end while your mind moves in dark circles, not being able to find a way out:

We are sent on a terrible Mission.
We are here to endure Loss.
It takes your Heart. It shreds your Core.
The universe is sending a Message:
Don't you ever get used to Life.

Remember, this is the depressive side of me speaking!
I know that this is not all there is in pain.
In adversity, it can be a strong motivation.
It propels you forward towards newer, unfamiliar grounds.
Grounds that might be promising.

And slowly but surely the feeling of hopelessness will subside and it will get tolerable to think or even speak about your darkness without being caught up in it all over again.

I promise.

Hang on.