Aviation hubby

In this day and age, it is quite common for people to travel the globe. See other parts of the world, experience culture, work abroad, have fun, contract an exotic STD. It's also quite common nowadays to be at least bilingual, but many people are even able to speak a second foreign language. That's really incredible, being able to communicate with the world - not literally: unless you are in some way connected to the aboriginal people - but talking to the inhabitants of diverse locations.

Travelling itself is not that risky anymore unless you are convinced that airplane turbulence has long-time effects on your body. In that case, it is quite dangerous, yes! But if you factor in such hidden effects, then I guess everything has the potential to be fatal in the long run. Life itself usually leads to that certain point, steering you to some sort of tunnel and the whitest of lights, but you're right, who knows why that happens.

Anyways, concerning doing business abroad, I'm really happy I don't live in earlier times - let's say the early 18th century - when people travelled long distances by foot, horse or carriage instead of a car or train, and ships instead of airplanes. The risks were huge, considering living itself was quite dangerous. But travelling? Even worse! First of all, taking several months or years to getting there, if you ambitiously planned on leaving your continent. With an average life expectancy of about 42 for a European, that's just cruel! Beyond that, getting robbed, getting sick, drowning in the ocean, multiple death-friendly scenarios right there!

Falling out of the sky with an airplane - not so nice either and ultimately less likely, I guess it's preferable to dying slowly and painfully due to the smallpox anytime.

But concerning flight: I am not concerned.
Leonardo would be very proud of our accomplishments.
Still, why am I not at ease?