Idiots & Earthquakes

Hey world, it's me again! Today I want to complain or better yet rail against something.
Since this is relatively new territory for me, I'll try a gentle approach:

I hate stupid people.

There, I said it.

In my book, everyone is guilty, everyone, including myself. Guilty of being stupid. The negligence of mind is a terrible crime and unfortunately I encounter it constantly. People carrying around large, vast spaces instead of brain matter, looking at me with empty eyes.
I immediately think: No one's home up there. Like their minds are in a dormant state.

Those people are usually able to carry on nonsensical small talk for hours without revealing any real information, and they deliberately misread everyone's intentions including their own. Everyone is out there to get them. I desperately work against this impulse.

To some, everything's a big mystery. Even things that have already been explained sufficiently. Light bulbs, earthquakes, people, motivations. It's all powered by fairy dust! And the person, who understands the mechanics is clearly a magician or some sort of gifted genius. Has to be! Understanding basics is a luxurious effort no one wants to commit to. Or are we just getting lazy with age?

It is regarded as unnecessary to know stuff. Other people know it, so why do I have to? It seems, information is treated as an inflationary good, decreasing in value by its level of awareness.

People are obsessive when it comes to keeping their bodies in shape, but at the same time they are uneager to give some love to the big grey pudding. Yes, the brain. What could be more important?

Yes, it's inside, but we still notice it, if you are stupid, when you open your yapper! Brain gives words to mouth! And it is in desperate need of some training!

I really don't understand the level of ignorance. The more you know, the better you'll be! This wisdom also applies to life. I try to keep this information in my mind prominently, when I am, yet again, misreading everything. So that I at least know, when I do and acknowledge that there are other possible interpretations than the ones I instantaneoulsy come up with.