What to know

Today i did something i should have done many weeks ago. I took the story or as much of it as i have so far and summarized it in as little sentences as possible. With all the ideas i want to fit into the storyline i sometimes forget about the essence of the story. I am relieved to say i still like the basic idea, thank goodness.

But as it is, as always i am having troubles with certain writing techniques. To break it down my main character knows a loooot less than the reader, because part of the time she isn't present when things occure and partly because she isn't sure she wants to know what is really going on. I think i exaggerated her ignorance to the point where the reader may get angry at her (or me) for being that stupid. But i need her not to know certain things just yet. I don't have a solution for this problem except trying to describe her ignorance as a loveable trait. I find this to be very tricky especially because there's no logical reason (the reader knows of) why she shouldn't or can't know more. This really is tough.