Thoughts about stuff

There's one thing more i am concerned about and this has something to do with the problem i told you about in my last post. The fantasy-fans are a picky crowd and they want their books to have several hundred pages, otherwise they won't even pick it up.

I can emphasize with that since i myself enjoy being drawn into a world and being able to stay there for more than an hour. And we seem to be getting used to the concept of staying somewhere else than the real world forever and ever. Virtuality is 'round the corner! People like never ending series of books, tv series as well as MMOs. They don't want to leave the world they like! They want to know everything about the characters, their motives and so on. Therefore I think it's very important as a writer to think about a sequel while you are writing the book.

I 'll try to give my story the necessary room to evolve. Don't be too enthusiastic, i said i would try. Knowing about these things doesn't necessarily mean that i will do it right. I am scared as hell.