Weekend Writing Warriors: To Catch a Thief

Hey warriors, and welcome! First let me set up this next scene from Anoethau for you. It's from Chapter one, so we're moving back to the beginning of the story. MC Artie is an ex-con and a man of simple needs, and I guess to call the way he lives hermit-like would be a serious understatement. Gardening and growing fruit and vegetables in his backyard are his hobby, but much to his dislike, the neighbor's girl Melanie has had her eyes on the mouth-watering fruit of his raspberry bushes for quite some time. One day, as Artie comes out of the tool shed, he sees her bursting away from them.. 

"Hello Melanie," Artie said calmly, bending over towards the vines where the girl hid. The leaves rustled, and the bush seemed to stiffen as soon as he said the name out aloud. The girl couldn’t be much older than seven or eight, but he wasn’t exactly sure.

"Hope you enjoyed the raspberries."

After a while she came crawling out from behind the bushes and Artie noticed her face and hands being smeared with red stuff.

"You know, if you ask me, you can have some of my berries, and you won’t even have to hide while eating them."

"Ummmm," she said, and her face turned a much more intense shade of red. "Just don’t let me catch you stealing again…" he said, putting emphasis on the unspoken -or else… part.